Eterniam at pii2013 Innovator Spotlight

pii2013 talk by Eterniam CEO

Eterniam was one of only eight startups selected to participate in the pii2013 Innovator Spotlight program

pii2013 Innovator Spotlight: Eterniam from Privacy Identity Innovation on Vimeo.

Your Digital Estate

Ignite pii2013 talk by Eterniam CEO

This Ignite pii2013 talk was given at the 4th annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference (pii2013) in Seattle on September 17, 2013.

Privacy Identity Innovation 2013

Eterniam chosen as Innovator Spotlight company

September 17, 2013


With Eterniam, you can preserve photos, videos, documents, Facebook posts and more to come. Privacy is central to Eterniam; e.g. your spouse gets different assets from your best friend who gets different assets from your children. Your different identities are captured in Eterniam and you are in control of the digital legacy you leave to your beneficiaries.

Silicon India

The Digital Estate

September 5, 2013


Wealth transfer between generations is well established and has worked nicely in many countries for many centuries. As everything of value becomes digital, however, this transfer of wealth can no longer be taken for granted. The mindless giving away of precious digital content to ad-revenue corporations is transferring wealth from the consumer to those corporations at an alarming rate.


This startup wants to keep your photos, videos and docs safe, even after you’re dead

August 23, 2013


... Eterniam, a company that enables you to create a “digital estate” to preserve assets like photos, videos, documents. Users can bequeath each asset to chosen beneficiaries so the digital assets can live on even after passing.